Collection: India/Monastery Photographs is a Non-Profit, Yungdrung Bon spiritual Center based in Pittsburgh, PA. Where the teachings of the YungDrung Bon religion hold weekly workshops and teachings for the local and worldwide community. Tempa Dukte Lama is an ordained Yungdrung Bon Lama who is the founder and head of the Center. The building they rent the Temple space in has recently gone up for sale. Because they have spent many years building community there and the Temple space has been visited by His Holiness the 33rd and 34th Menri Trizin and blessed and consecrated, the Temple space has been blessed irreplaceably.

Tempa Dukte Lama and Olmoling decided to purchase the building and make it a permanent residence for the Bon Temple.

These photographs are priced in a way that will support Olmoling ‘s Capital Fundraiser. The proceeds will go directly to fund their efforts to raise enough capital to purchase the building. Only minor costs will be covered from these funds and the Artist will cover a few tiny operating and personal cost expenditures, but otherwise each photo will support directly the Capital Fundraising Campaign. 

These images are very special. This was a life changing trip for the Artist Rowan St John traveling with Tempa Lama and his wife Iris in 2014 from New Delhi to the village of Dolanji - where the Menri Monastery is located. I feel the blessings of the experience  emanating in these images and I hope you will notice the heart essence in them. 

Thank you for your support for Olmoling and for the Dharma teachings of the Bon.