Hooray we are open!

Hooray we are open!

After weeks of long hours screen staring and click, click, clicking, we are finally ready to share the store with everyone. Please enjoy and forgive any quirks or unfinished sections. I just wanted to get the store up and functional for the OlmoLing Fundraiser to help support the vision of a permanent temple in Pittsburgh. 


Please note that the photos are from a trip in March 2014. A trip with Tempa Lama and 6 others went to the Monastery during Losar to attend the Geshe Graduation of Tempa Lama's Brother stewing Ngodup. I was given a Photographer's pass and pretty much had free reign. The photographs were intended for mostly myself and those attending, but they turned out to be so beautiful that I had to share them. The trip was very powerful and heart opening for me personally and these photos seem to convey that heart energy very strongly from what people say. 

In purchasing these photos consider that proceeds are going directly to Olmoling and I am not trying to earn personal money from these photographs presently. There may be some sort of payment for the cost of some of the printing and framing that Olmoling will share in. If I make a few dollars per photo then so be it. That isn't the intention for my sharing this work presently.

These are intended mostly for practitioners of the Yung Drung Bon Tradition and as a way to support the Dharma. Some of the photos are taken in low light and at the time I had an older camera with a sensor that is now obsolete. These were not taken with a full frame camera which allows for higher quality and larger files for print and media. I was lucky to get these into the sizes we have posted here. The largest size on any photo potentially loses a little DPI so the ideal sizes are the middle and smaller sized print and frame. Though the larger sizes should be excellent as well, the lower light photos will show some degradation.

You can purchase the larger size and let me know if there are any issues. If it is a lower light photograph then that makes it more likely to start to see some pixelation as the size gets larger physically the DPI lowers. I chose to print the larger ones because the DPI range is still acceptable. Do take note of the photo you are purchasing and know that the folks whom are printing these are also aware of these issues and will alert me upon noticing any photos that aren't up to a quality standard. 


If anyone is interested in a larger print than I have listed you can contact me directly and we can see what it possible for the photo file you are interested in. Unfortunately I was not realizing the beauty of these photos at the time for the long term potential. The photos are limited to the size of the processor and settings of the camera I used. Some of them were larger files but DPI or resolution remain the same. So these are gems from the trip that I have dreamt of sharing with the public and somehow this has all finally come together! I aim to put them all into a phonebook as well. The photos here are about half of what I will be posting in the future!


Thank you for supporting Olmoling and The Dharma teachings of the Bon Tradition. May these moments captured in light be full of blessings for your home and for your heart! 

Rowan St John

Spiral House StudiosHimalayas Nepal



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